Tired of waiting for someone to put on the course that you want? Would you like to be in charge of what you learn and when you learn it?

Sarah is offering the following courses in the store. YOU choose which course you'd like to take and we'll put it on just for you at a time that's convenient for everyone. The fee is $50 (tax included) for a 2-hour session. YOU choose what you want to learn. Courses are offered one-on-one or you can bring a few friends and you'll all enjoy a discounted rate. Give us a call or drop in for a "free" consultation and discuss what YOU would like to learn!

Besides these courses, Sarah also teaches Reiki Levels 1,2 &3. Prices available upon request. If you're interested in Reiki training, contact Sarah (865-0354, or by email) to arrange a time convenient for YOU! One-on-one training is available so there's no need to wait until a class "fills up" before you can have YOUR course!

Advanced Reiki Techniques

Are you a Reiki Practitioner? Come and learn some advanced techniques such as "beaming", "scanning", "sounding", talking through", the "Reiki Box", and using "crystals" with Reiki.



How to Attract Money & Love into Your Life

Color Therapy

Learn the importance of color in our lives.

Discover how color affects our moods and our energy.

Find out how color can be used to heal the body.


Learn the name and location of the seven major Chakra's.

Learn how to check to see if these "energy centers" are "closed"; and how to "open" them if they are.

Using Crystals & Gemstones

Learn how to use crystals and gemstones to heal.

Learn their properties and how and where to place them on the body.

Make your own personal "healing pouch" to carry with you.

Talking to Your Angels

Learn how to talk to Angels and how Angels talk to you.

Learn the names of  the ArchAngels and how to ask for their help.


Learn how to use your imagination to visualize your desires!

Connect to Your Spirit Guides

Different Ways to Build a Relationship With Your Spirit Guide

How to Dream Your Spirit Guide(s) Names

Life Blueprints

Learn what "Life Blueprints" are and how they impact our lives


Taming the EGO / Learning to Let Go

How the EGO Blocks Intuition.

How to Release the EGO.

Learn how to let go of Fear.

Psychic Exercises

Make Your Own Psychic Cards

Fun Psychic Exercises

Spiritual Development for Beginners

Learn how recognize your spiritual path and develop the necessary skills to evolve spiritually.

Pendulum Workshop

A pendulum is a neat dowsing tool that helps you to find lost items, answer questions, and assists with health concerns.  In this class we will show you the proper way in which to work with a pendulum.  We will begin by showing you how to choose the right pendulum for you (if you have you own already, please bring it along), explain how it works, teach you the proper etiquette in using it and give you lots of practice time.